Bali Butterfly Park Tabanan

The history of the Tabanan Bali Butterfly Park (Taman Kupu-kupu Bali) originated from the implementation of the International Conference of the Butterfly (International Butterfly Conference) in Ujung Pandang on 23rd – 27th August 1993 by the Ministry of Tourism of The Republic of Indonesia.
The conference attended by butterfly experts from outside and inside the nation to go over the wealth of butterflies belonging to Indonesia and the efforts of the fantastic direction and utilization, as well as introducing a natural butterfly garden living in Bantimurung South Sulawesi to tourism to be an example for the organization of other butterfly parks.

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Following the conference ended, some participants within the nation including from PT Ikas Amboina gathered to discuss the gist of the meeting, which is about the preservation and utilization of the butterfly through tourism tasks, the way to create a replica of the butterfly garden naturally as in Bantimurung and how to conserve and use the butterfly in a sustainable way.
Three months after the organization of the conference in Makassar (Ujung Pandang), right on 28th Nov 1993, based PT Taman Kupu-kupu Lestari as a secretary and creator of the Bali Butterfly Park.

Bali Butterfly Gardens Tabanan
Establishment of Bali Butterfly Park by PT Taman Kupu-kupu Lestari started after the approval of the central and local authorities as well as from the local community. After almost 3 years of building, then on the seventeenth December 1996, Bali Butterfly Park opened formally as one of the attractions of nature and education and inaugurated by Ibu Asiawati Oka, Chairman of the PKK of Bali Province.
This park has a place of 1 ha, consisting of 3,700 m² to the butterfly habitat and the rest 6,300 m² is utilized for the flower garden as herbs and plants that are utilized as food and foster the butterfly as well as the rest is for tourist infrastructure. There are five types of cages are utilized throughout the practice of breeding butterflies, e.g. reproduction cage, the cage for upkeep cage, eggs to nurture the larvae, pupae cage, and the cage of butterflies.
Class Arachnida: Cobalt Blue Tarantula, Scorpion, Celenocosmia javanensis
As well as various sorts of butterflies have been preserved in Bali Butterfly Park attractions, also incorporate a broad range of insects like Cobalt Blue Tarantula, Scorpion, Celenocosmia javanensis.

Type/Species of Butterfly in Bali Butterfly Park Tabanan
From the results of the analysis (2010) finds that there are 15 species/types of butterflies have been filmed at Bali Butterfly Park Bali Taman Kupu-kupu Tabanan, that consists of two families Papilionidae and Nymphalidae. 2 kinds of families Papilionidae are shielded butterflies, i.g. Ornithoptera priamus and Troides helena.